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Working with a personal injury lawyer: Follow these basic tips


California is a tort state for car accidents. The party that caused the crash due to their recklessness, negligence, or action is liable for the losses suffered by others. If you have suffered minor losses in an on-road mishap, you can probably file a claim on your own. However, when your injuries are serious in nature, or your losses run into thousands of dollars, hiring a top law firm like Caruso Law Offices, P.C. can help. Before you start working with the attorney, make sure that you follow the suggestions listed below.

  1. Always be transparent with your attorney. Did you have a role in causing the accident? Were you driving over the speed limit? Did you leave the scene after the accident? Did you apologize to someone after the crash? These are vital details that your attorney needs to know. Hiring facts won’t help, as your lawyer will investigate the incident and eventually find everything. If you want the attorney to help you, be honest from day one.
  2. Discuss the fee in advance. While personal injury attorneys usually take a contingency fee for auto accident claims, you should still consider asking the attorney about their fees. The lawyer may charge anywhere from 25% to 40% of the settlement, although 33% is the standard norm. There could be other out-of-pocket expenses, which the lawyer should share in advance.
  3. Don’t ask for updates every other day. Auto accident claims and personal injury lawsuits often take a long time to settle, depending on how complicated the facts are. Ensure that you don’t disturb the attorney for updates, as they are responsible for sharing the same. However, as a client, you should be able to contact the lawyer if required, so it is best to discuss communication means in advance.
  4. Ask your attorney about what not to say to the insurance company. The claims adjuster will eventually call you for a statement and ask questions you are not always obligated to answer. Talk to your injury lawyer if you need to speak to the insurance team and whether they can handle things for you.
  5. Share what you have. If you have taken pictures of the scene, have written notes after the accident, or managed to preserve a piece of physical evidence, share everything with your attorney. They will need the best possible support to fight the case.

Call a lawyer now and talk about the accident claim in detail.


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