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What Is a Demand Letter in a Car Accident Claim in Montrose?


Suppose you got into a car accident due to the negligence of another motorist. In that case, you are legally entitled to seek compensation for any medical bills or loss of wages resulting from the accident. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you can recover all the losses by sending a demand letter to the insurance company with the help of a Montrose car accident lawyer.

A demand letter summarises the claim and damages of a car accident. An effectively drafted demand letter helps in quick settlement of the clean and helps in avoiding unnecessary litigation.

Before Drafting a Demand Letter

Before drafting a demand letter, collect information and all the essential facts and arguments related to the accident. Use your notes, police reports, and other records to prepare the letter accurately, and make sure to add strong arguments. Include a detailed explanation of the accident and a vivid description of all the injuries and damages resulting from it. Ask for a specific compensation amount.

What to Include in Your Demand Letter

These are some crucial elements that must be included in your demand letter.

Accident related Facts

Make sure to re-state all the accident-related information even if the insurance company is already aware. It helps in delivering your narrative of the accident. Make sure to use simple language and provide fact-based information instead of giving your personal opinion. Avoid the usage of exaggeration or inflammatory language for displaying your emotions.

Statement on the Defendant’s Fault

The letter must explain how the accident occurred due to the other party’s fault and how their negligence caused your injuries and other damages. Make sure to back up the explanation with a police report, photos of the accident, witness testimony, and other essential evidence.

Medical Expenses

Make a detailed list of all the expenses incurred on your medical treatment. Add details of where you received the treatment, who provided it, and the charges for that specific treatment. Remember that the insurers may request an independent medical examination to verify the credibility of your injury, as mentioned in the letter or claim.

Lost Wages

Prepare a detailed statement regarding the time and wages lost due to the accident. Make sure to ask your employers to provide an official letter discussing the time and amount of wages lost because of the accident and the recovery period.

Other Damages

If you have suffered any additional losses or damages from the accident, include them. These can consist of pain and suffering or other damages. Add a statement regarding the effect of the accident on the quality of your life and loss of enjoyment.

Total Amount of Damages

After calculating the total amount of damages, make sure to request the insurance company for the settlement amount.


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