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What are the pitfalls of startup mentoring?


Running mentoring programs from a mentoring platform for the team is becoming more common as a tool to assist individuals in developing long-term careers. It helps to avoid common problems in their fields, develop great leaders, or assist career transitions pitfalls such as moving into management.

Mentoring programs may fail if several common errors are not addressed

Mentoring programs are most effective when carefully deployed when the audience most needs them. However, training the mentor and the mentee on managing their mentoring relationship has a 90% success rate, making it the most effective training scenario.

Furthermore, our experience has taught us that training is difficult because of external constraints.

It cannot be easy to gather all of the mentors or mentees in one place, for example, if the mentoring program from a mentoring platform is virtual and the participants are geographically dispersed across different states, cities, or even countries! Some businesses use webinar technology to facilitate training, which is problematic because determining how engaged participants are is difficult. The administrator can track the progress of the mentor or mentee while allowing them to complete the training at their leisure using an online learning module.

Inadequate or excessive structure

Finding a method to strike a balance that allows those who need it to locate it quickly and those who don’t access it if they run into trouble without feeling under pressure to follow a strict regimen is a trick.

The greatest method to achieve balance is to communicate frequently. During the relationship, communications can be manually arranged to happen once every few weeks, or it can be done through an online mentoring platform that drip-feeds resources.

The challenge is finding a way to strike a balance such that those who require it can easily locate it and those who do not, can access it if they run into difficulties without feeling under pressure to adhere to a strict regimen.

Regular communication is one of the finest methods to achieve equilibrium. An online mentoring platform that drip-feeds resources can be used for communications, or they can be manually planned to happen once every few weeks for the duration of the partnership.

The top four mentoring program mistakes are as follows:

  • Untrustworthy Matching

The most important aspect of a mentorship program is matching. It serves as the overall program’s framework. It is critical to pair compatible mentors and mentees from the start. Making a mistake here can result in internal dissatisfaction, uproar, and more severe HR issues than you can imagine. The solution is to start matching right away. Using our tried-and-true surveys, algorithms, and processes, we have a 99% match success rate, ensuring the success of every program member.

  • Erroneous instruction

Not everyone is destined to be a mentor. Don’t assume that just because someone is an excellent manager that they will also be excellent at coaching others to become excellent managers. Mentoring, like any other skill, is something that can be taught and developed in individuals. A mentoring programme of a mentoring platform must begin with proper mentor training for all partners to get off to a good start. Mentors, for example, should not always provide mentees with solutions right away. Allowing a mentee to “skin their knees” and gain knowledge independently can sometimes be beneficial. Only experienced mentors will know when to reveal information and when to keep it private.

  • Failure to Follow Through

When mentoring, volunteer work is performed. It is not required of anyone. Formal mentoring programs benefit both mentors and mentees, but because they are not required at work, they frequently fizzle and are discontinued. Mentoring program pitfalls from a mentoring platform administration must provide follow-up and moderate direction. Relationships can be kept fresh by giving mentors important questions to ask their mentees about job opportunities or by encouraging mentors to learn skill sets that mentees may not be familiar with. Mentoring programmes occasionally require a little push from programme administrators to stay alive.

  • Disregarding the structure

Mentoring programmes come in a variety of structures. There are a few standard formats, but many businesses require customised arrangements to meet their needs. Whatever the design of the programme, all effective mentoring programmes share a few key structural elements. Schedules, goal-setting, and key discussion points pitfalls are just a few examples (can be chosen by Admins or mentors themselves). Mentoring programmes must be managed, and rules must be followed, such as holding regular sessions with predetermined agendas and objectives. In the absence of explicit goals and rules, the mentoring program’s sails will go limp.


A well-designed and well-supported mentorship programme from a mentoring platform can last for many years and have an impact year after year. As the programme gains traction, a mentoring culture emerges, and informal mentoring frequently pitfalls coexists with formal initiatives.

Remember that, while mentoring programmes can be beneficial on their own, they can be even more effective when integrated into a larger professional development programme.

Mentorship from a mentoring platform is an excellent complement to job boards, certification training, and other CPD events or pitfalls courses offered by your organisation. Attaching mentoring to leadership development programmes is becoming increasingly popular because the mentoring relationship provides a larger platform for integrating leadership training lessons.

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