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What about Isolation Glove Box?


An isolation glove box is a sealed containment chamber used in the bioprocessing industry. It is mainly used as an important safety and biosafety measure to separate hazardous materials from the process environment. A basic isolation glove box consists of viewing windows on all four sides, providing a view of the process environment for improved operator monitoring. The viewing windows are sealed with a gasket to form an airtight seal so no contaminants can leak into or out of the containment area.

Understanding the concept:

The walls are made of double-walled stainless steel that has been weld capped on both sides to provide a low-pressure containment area. Air not contaminated with hazardous materials flows freely through the stainless steel walls and out of the glove box. Supplies are passed into the containment area through self-sealing, double-lock doors. A platform, namely Global Lab Supply, offers verified products at reliable lab equipment at very affordable prices.

These doors provide an airtight seal when closed and allow for better control of temperature and humidity levels inside the isolation glove box. In addition, the interior is equipped with tiny lights to improve operator visibility during maintenance procedures. The interior also contains air ducts and a pulse jet ventilation system that maintains airflow circulation to ensure proper ventilation through the glove box.

Different types of isolation gloves boxes:

There are various types of isolation glove boxes By Global Lab Supply and some are listed below:

Walk-in Isolation Room

A walk-in isolation room is the largest of the isolation containment devices. This type of device is considerably large, with a volume of 4,000 cubic feet. Usually, walk-in isolation rooms are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities as users can use them to isolate batches of hazardous materials that could potentially contaminate a large area. This device has a HEPA-filtered fresh air supply and exhaust system with automatic controls that maintain safe temperature and humidity levels within the containment area. In addition, the room contains vision panels on all four sides for improved operator visibility during procedures or inspections.

Chemical Fume Hood

Chemical fume hoods are designed for use with laboratory equipment. They are typically used to isolate hazardous chemicals or vapors generated during a chemical reaction or synthesis. These isolation containment devices are equipped with an exhaust system to separate the contaminants from the process environment. Most chemical fume hoods also include HEPA filters and an exhaust fan that scientists can adjust depending on the size of the containment area.

Major purpose:

The main purpose of an isolation glove box is to protect people from potential hazards caused by microbial contamination. Isolation glove box allows personnel to perform tasks in a controlled environment free from contamination, thereby reducing exposure to pathogens. In addition, isolation glove boxes help to prevent cross contamination in the workplace.

Need for isolation glove box:

Biological research and development are processes that produce infectious, toxic, or radioactive materials. An isolation glove box provides a safe way to perform tasks that could contaminate the environment. Isolation glove boxes also protect against contact with hazardous materials as they contain all hazardous substances inside the sealed containment area and not in the process space. It helps avoid potential dangers caused by spills or leaks that could affect large areas of a lab or manufacturing facility if they were allowed to spread out of control.

Isolation glove boxes are used in the following places:

Laboratory Research and Development

Laboratory research and development often involve handling cultured cells and biological materials. Work with these materials is done safely by isolating them inside an isolation glove box, preventing potential contamination of the process environment. In addition, these isolation containment devices perform standard laboratory tasks such as vaccinations, media preparation, cell harvesting, and sterilization.

Manufacturing Industry

Isolation glove boxes isolate dangerous chemicals during product production or testing to ensure team member safety. Isolation glove boxes are often used in erythromycin production. This broad-spectrum antibiotic is produced from molds. This product can sometimes support molds that can produce toxins or secondary metabolites that pose a risk to team member safety. Isolation glove boxes are also used to synthesize other pharmaceuticals such as sulfasalazine and penicillin V.

Microbiology Research

Microbiology research typically involves work with pathogenic microbes that could pose a risk to workers if exposed. An isolation glove box is used to perform tasks surrounding pathogenic microbes and cultures while reducing contamination risks to the process environment. For example, isolation glove boxes are often used to study anthrax, a potentially deadly infectious agent that could be released into the environment if not handled safely.


An isolation glove box can provide a safe and controlled working environment for laboratory and manufacturing tasks that could contaminate the environment. Isolation glove boxes help to prevent cross contamination of pathogens from one product, room, or facility to another. They also help to minimize the spread of hazardous chemicals during tasks that produce, transport, or store them in the workplace.



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