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Top 10 Places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar Island


Andaman is a place where the beauty of nature enchants. Creator has prepared this place with all its colours. Tourists from all over the world love to visit this place not only for its stunning beaches but also to witness its rare biodiversity & ecosystem. At least something is hidden here for almost everyone, you just need to explore the treasure trove. Astonishing wildlife, national parks, fabulous beaches, museums and primitive jungles and Mangrove forests; what else is needed to make a journey memorable! 

1.Havelock Island

          Havelock Island, better known as Swaraj Island, is the most favoured island in Andaman. White sand beaches, lush green landscape, unique aquatic life and exquisite coral reefs make this place near heaven. It would be really hard for you to choose one among the Radhanagar Beach, Vijayanagar Beach and Elephant Beach. It is once in a lifetime experience to be surrounded by sky-blue waters & tranquillity of the place. 

 2.Barren Island

             Though not allowed to visit, you can barely resist the temptation of trespassing on the uninhabited land; fortunately, you can enjoy the beauty of smoking a volcano from your ship. This island is basically an active volcano continuing fire within you can behold but can not get close to. Witnessing this volcano from a distance itself is thrilling.  

3.Cellular Jail

               If history incites you, Cellular jail is no less than Mecca to you. Every brick & iron of this place is the witness of intolerable torture perpetrated on the brave hearts of this country. Countless freedom fighters paid their supreme sacrifices in this place. You touch, speak the history & hear the gaged voices from the isolated cells. Whoever comes to Andaman Nicobar certainly makes a visit to this place. The light & sound effects in the evening are one of the great attractions.  

4.Chidiya Tapu


           You should include Chidiya Tapu in your list because this place offers an unparalleled treat to your eyes. This place is the habitat of numerous migratory birds. Stunning flora & fauna would make you fall in love with this place. 


5.Wandoor Beach

              For every beach lover, Wandoor Beach is a common favourite. 

Gorgeous coastline, lush greenery, and tranquillity greet you when you badly need an escape from all urban hustles. A family holiday on this beach would be stored in your heart forever. 

6.Mount Harriet National Park

           Mount Harriet National Park has a sequence of stunning panoramas of reserve forests, Beaches and towering mountain ranges. This park would please any nature lover and honeymoon couple to treasure some moments of peace and togetherness. Sounds of different species of birds would make you dance with joy.  

7.Saddle Peak 

              Saddle Peak is a trekking destination. The highest peak of Andaman will offer you a view of mesmerising landscape.

The trekking route is equally attractive. Who knows! for whom mother nature has decorated the entire landscape so perfectly. Walking through the primitive trees is a different feeling for adventure-lovers.   

8.Red Skin Island

            Thanks to the red coral reef, this island has got its name. This is one of the most picturesque sites in Andaman Nicobar. Tourists across the world come here to experience the wonderful ambience of Red Skin Island.  

9.White Surf Waterfall

            This treasure is hidden in the midst of Dense forests. White Surf Waterfall is justifiably another reason to visit this island. Your memory card may get full of pictures since this place provides you with a perfect backdrop. Mounting to the waterfall is an extra gain that enables you to have a splendid view of the White Surf Waterfall. 

10.Anthropological Museum

                  You can not escape the anthropological museum lest your Andaman & Nicobar tour would remain incomplete. You would get a glimpse of the prehistoric period in this museum. A little knowledge about primitive tribes is not harmful but rather interesting. This place is literally a treasure trove for history lovers. A visit to this place may change your outlook on civilization.  

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