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Tips To Enhance Your Event Marketing With Twitter Wall


Twitter Wall is famous for being an on-the-go platform where users can easily share their thoughts within 280 characters limit. If you have ever used Twitter, you know how witty some tweets can be. Not to mention how some of the internet’s most prominent trends come from Twitter.

So, with Twitter being so engaging, how about we aggregate and leverage this engaging content into the events in the form of a Twitter Wall? Marketers are doing it, event organizers are doing it, and the cool kids are doing it too.

Before diving into how you can leverage the Twitter wall for Events, let’s understand what it is.

What Is A Twitter Wall?

Twitter Wall is a live Twitter feed running, showcasing diverse content from Twitter in any event. Twitter Wall is an easy-to-use tool that enables brands to highlight their preferred Twitter content during an event that helps to boost the event engagement. Event organizers or marketers can easily fetch their chosen tweets, curate them in a Twitter feed or a Twitter wall and embed it anywhere in their event.

The best part? Whether your event is virtual, hybrid, or in-person, you can easily add the Twitter wall as it is responsive. Also, it comes with a real-time update feature, keeping your event audience updated with live Twitter content. So, with so many benefits, let’s understand the different ways you can enhance your event marketing with the Twitter Wall.

Ways To Enhance Event Marketing With Twitter Wall

Here are the top ways to enhance event marketing with the Twitter Wall.

  • Showcase Pre-Event Buzz

Showcasing your pre-event buzz has to be a great way to attract the attention of your prospects. Show off what your audience has to say about your event on Twitter. You can either display the Twitter wall on the digital screens at your premises or on your website. 


Both ways, your target audience will get to know about your event and when they will see how people are excited about your event, it will generate interest in them and will encourage them to take part in your event. You can also provide on-spot registration and it will boost your event ticket sales like never before.

  • Run Hashtag Campaign On Twitter

Twitter is known for hashtags. There are rarely any tweets on Twitter without hashtags. What you can do is, create a unique and branded hashtag for your event that you can promote among your event audience and encourage them to use it to share anything around your on-going event.

You can curate a Twitter wall with that hashtag and showcase it during the event. Each time there is a new tweet, it will automatically appear on your Twitter Wall. When your event attendees will come across the Twitter wall and they will see how their peer attendees are actively tweeting about your event, it will instill social proof in them and they would also want to tweet. When more attendees will tweet around your event, it will help you to boost your Twitter presence, increasing the social visibility, grabbing more attention and attracting more prospects for your future event.

  • Add Twitter Ticker To Your Event

Twitter ticker is another version of the Twitter wall. It is almost like a News Ticker that runs right below the on-going live news. The Twitter ticker will help you to run the tweets right below your live streaming event, horizontally. This is a great strategy when you don’t want to interrupt your on-going event and still keep your event attendees hooked throughout the event. 

This way, you can keep your event attendees from drifting away. Helping you increase your event’s dwell time and reduce the number of bounce rates. 

  • Showcase Influencer & Speakers’ Content

When you bring industry leaders as speakers to your event or you collaborate with influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience, it helps you to grab the attention of your audience. Another way to do it is by showcasing the content your influencers or event speakers have created around the event on the Twitter Wall.

  • Take Twitter Polls

Twitter has a feature that enables users to create polls and share it with their audience so that they can answer. You can also create polls on Twitter on your industry related topics or any other trending topics. Once you do that, you can showcase it on the Twitter wall and ask your attendees to participate. Also mention that you will showcase the poll results by the end of the event. This can be a great strategy to add gamification to your event and offer something interesting to your event audience.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have made it to the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of adding the Twitter Wall on your website. We just gave you some of the unique tips on how you can add the Twitter Well in your event to enhance the Event Marketing.

You can showcase your pre-event buzz, run hashtag campaigns during your event, add Twitter ticker to the livestream, showcase influencer and speakers’ content, display branded content, and take Twitter polls. All these aspects will help you take your event marketing efforts to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started already!

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