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The Changing Face of Payment Services with Ram Chary Everi


With everything going digital the banking sector too went through a similar metamorphosis and evolved better with enhanced payment service providers. This particular change has been a very good and profitable addition to the world of finance. It has contributed positively to the growth of society says, Ram Chary Everi, a professional who has worked as the leader of the technology division in Fidelity National The Changing Face Information Services which deals in banking and payment services.

The digital payment methods brought about a revolutionary ease and speed of transaction while ensuring complete safety and security of information. There have tremendous alterations in the way financial transactions function these days and some more changes can be expected shortly in the same category. Some such changes are mentioned below.

1.Smart speaker payments –


With the coming of AI and voice commands gaining popularity, the payment service providers are also looking into ways and means of including the smart speaker angle. With the help of voice, the user will be able to make payments without being hassled by having to type or touch the screen of either their phone or laptop. The giants in the market such as Apple and Google have already dived into this technological advancement. Initially, these were built to work in sync with mobile phones. But the latest ones are no longer dependent on the phone. They are built now built-in sync with the home automation systems. Statistics reveal about 35% of the population is already using this means to make their payments while purchasing household goods and services.

2. Inclusion of AI and Machine learning


Professionals such as Ram Chary Everi will be able to vouch for the changing. Trend in banking and payment services with the involvement of artificial intelligence. The banks too are now employing machine learning to manage their data as it provides top-notch security. The software is capable of detecting fraudulence in real time after analyzing a set of transactions. With more and more transactions to deal with the efficiency of the software gains expertise. Getting a message from the bank instantly after a transaction is. Made is evidence of this latest update in the payment and banking sector.

3. Mobile wallets –


This is among one the convenient modes created in recent times for ease of payment. This is a replication of a real physical wallet, which helps in. Sending and receiving the money to individuals or businesses without using liquid cash. Money can also be stored in these wallets for later use agrees Ram Chary Everi who deals with these devices and tools adeptly.

Digital modes of payment are here to stay and will always attempt at. Enhancing the user experience by creating avenues for making secure payments. Physical cash will be largely replaced with these modes of payment and more novel trends will surface in the category. This will surely be a welcome addition to make living more convenient. For all classes of people in providing security to the hard-earned money of individuals.

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