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Reasons behind challenging behaviours in autistic children


Autism is a set of complex developmental disabilities characterised by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviours. There is no known single cause for autism; it is generally accepted that it is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Although autism is considered a spectrum disorder, the severity of autistic symptoms can range from mild to severe. The diagnosis is based on observing a child’s behaviour: children who exhibit several of the characteristics associated with autism are typically diagnosed as autistic.

What Are The Reason Behind The Challenging Behaviour Of Autistic Children

As per an autism treatment program, these are the reasons behind challenging behaviours in autistic children. 

Trying to Communicate

When an autistic child has difficulty communicating, it can be frustrating for the parent, who may feel like they are not getting through. It is important to keep in mind that communication is one of the most challenging things for an autistic child to do. They may need time and patience to communicate their needs and wants effectively.

Autistic children may become frustrated when they cannot express themselves verbally or nonverbally. They may have trouble making eye contact with others or understanding when someone is trying to make eye contact with them. This can make it hard for them to connect with others socially or emotionally. Parents need to be patient with their children while learning new communication methods.


Anxiety and stress can be the reason behind challenging behaviours in autistic children. These behaviours are known as self-soothing, including rocking, hand flapping, and humming. Children use these behaviours to feel calm and comfortable. However, they may also frustrate children because they are unable to communicate their needs. 

Autistic children have difficulty expressing their emotions verbally or nonverbally. They may act out to get attention from parents or others when they don’t know how to express themselves. The child could also be trying to tell you something but does not know how to do it without getting frustrated over the situation.

Eating and Food-Related Challenges

Eating and food-related challenges are common among children with autism spectrum disorder. Research has shown that approximately 70% of children on the autism spectrum have some eating problem. These challenges may include difficulty chewing, swallowing or spitting out food; refusing to eat certain foods; throwing tantrums over food; or having a very restricted diet.

Many parents report that their child’s eating problems began when they began to talk. As they get older, they may use verbal communication as well. This can make it difficult for parents to identify what their child needs regarding food because there is no way for them to explain it verbally.

Challenges Related to Studies

Studies have shown that children with autism have difficulty understanding and remembering spoken instructions, making it difficult to follow classroom rules. For example, if a teacher asks the class to take out their books but does not tell the child with autism that she needs to do so before starting her work, there may be a delay in her response time.

These delays may frustrate you and your child and result in challenging behaviours such as tantrums or meltdowns. While it is important to remember that these behaviours are not intentional, they can still cause stress for you. Autism Intervention Program can help your child to lower this frustration and understand better.

Sensory Difficulties

Sensory difficulties are a major cause of challenging behaviours in autistic children. Autistic children may have difficulty processing sensory information, making them feel overwhelmed in certain situations. For example, if you have an autistic child who is sensitive to sounds and loud noises, then you will likely find that they will often become upset when you take them to a busy shopping mall or another crowded place.

If your child also has sensory difficulties, you must try as hard as possible to avoid exposing them to such environments. In addition, try to make your home as quiet and calm as possible so your child does not feel overwhelmed by all the noise around them.


You may have trouble concentrating on anything if you are autistic and trying to process too much information at once. For example, if there are too many people talking at once or if you are in a loud environment with music playing, it can be hard to focus on one thing. This can cause your behaviour to change; you might run around or flail your arms. This is called “overload.” 

Sometimes people with autism feel overwhelmed by their environment but are afraid to tell anyone about it for fear of being laughed at or punished. If your behaviour changes because of this, someone needs to know why.


Autistic children often display challenging behaviour in the form of aggression and attention-seeking. The children are very much in touch with what is happening inside them and have a tell-tale need to let others around them know when they are sad, scared, angry, or frustrated. Intervention professionals can help these children by teaching them to manage their feelings, express themselves appropriately, and understand the impact of their behaviour on others.


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