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Moto Sport Park attraction reviews



Moto Sport Park is an enormous 100-section of land setting that is intended for motocross and motorcyclists. It offers different attractions, including the Moto Ranchero, Motocross Track, BMX Track and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Moto Sport Park (MSP) is situated in Dubai, UAE. It was formally opened to people in general on March 22nd in 2016. The scene is outfitted with outside as well as indoor tracks and rough terrain trails for a wide range of bike devotees. The track highlights incorporate a motocross track, soil bicycle track, and float course with height changes of up to 35 meters. The fascination likewise offers vantage focuses to partake in the perspectives on Dubai from goliath screens and offers a great rundown of attractions to draw in guests with top notch food and refreshments at reasonable costs.

Main Attractions:

  • Off-Road Ride – 

This is a must-visit place for individuals who love riding ATV’s , Off-Roading and are up for some bold stuff which is the Buggy Ride/ATV Ride.


         They have 3 sorts of vehicles;


        1) Hammer Head 150CC


This is for the novice traveler, who needs to investigate and is searching for a beginning stage.


Quick and Chippy, this buggy will give you goosebumps like not very many carts can.


Charges: Hammer Head 150CC – INR 1000 for 20 mins ride on landing area street.


P.S – Basic information on driving is expected to ride this one.


You don’t have to stress, they have a Marshall/Trainer sitting close to you to direct you while you ride. So your wellbeing is completely dealt with.


My Experience: Being a novice, I lived it up completely.


The track is ideal for you to deal with the ATV as a novice and receive the best involvement with return.


2) RZR Polarize 800CC


Coming to the Polarize, it was greater in size and the track was substantially more daring.


Driving 760cc @ 6200 rpm will make you a wild creature, just quicker, meaner and more insane.


Pull out all the stops assuming that you love PACE and THUNDER


Charges: RZR Polarize 800CC – INR 2000 for 5 KM rough terrain Lap


3) Rage Cyclone 1000CC


WOWW! Was the main word that came out when I saw this ATV. It is an eye-catcher.


Consistent with its name, this ride is unadulterated terrible. Rage Cyclone’s 4-stroke, 996cc can surpass nearly anything.


Charges: Rage Cyclone 1000CC – INR 3000 for 05 KM rough terrain Lap

  • Gyptain Ride – 

The ride begins from Amer, Jaipur going through the town which provides you with a vibe of town safari moving towards the stunning perspective on the beautiful Aravali mountain range.


When you are somewhat settled with the Jeep/Gypsy now is the ideal time to take the vehicle on a little test.Gracious yes you will ascend the mountain ridge on your solid pony controlled machine. A little uneven and exciting ride. When you arrive at the top the beautiful view is amazing.200 sections of land of level land on top off mountain. 200 years of age samadhi with inspirational tones and energy. A lake on top of mountain. You won’t want to return in the hustle clamor of city once more.Drive on top of the slope top and reach to the following edge.


Now is the right time to feel the nature being somewhat nearer. Your vehicle will drop you as of now to see you in at some point. Journey downhill for 15 to 20 minutes and arrive at the foundation of mountain. Stroll for an additional 10 minutes and you will track down our rough terrain monster.


Time for exciting and frightening thar/vagabond ride on our rough terrain territory. After this ride the jeep will drop you at Commando deterrent region. Partake in the experience exercises and afterward roll down to ridge base.



Moto Sport Park has something for each explorer. Our going mud romping encounters are a one of a kind idea that can’t be found elsewhere in that frame of mind, of our unique area. We brag of a wide 5-kilometer long circuit, which can be modified to cross it over as much distance as one wishes – making it ideal for various sorts of occasion coordinators who wish to have something noteworthy at our sporting office! There is likewise a remarkable scope of bicycles from the most well known brands that will give you a completely thrilling encounter all through the span of your encounter with us!


Jaipur motor sports parks has load to offer you with adventure with you and your friends you can enjoy you whole day here and ride these amazing bikes where and have blast, you can have a personal bike and ride up and down the park as they have large area and where you can show off your tallent as rider.

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