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Learn Tiger Drawing For Kids | Tiger Drawing For Kids Tutorial


Tiger Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids is Interested? One of the fundamental exercises for aspiring artists is drawing animals. With the aid of our drawing instructions and a few easy steps, you can quickly complete a tiger drawing. You will also learn how to draw ovals, circles, and straight lines with the help of this course.

All the children say hello! Even though our artists have drawn animals numerous times, this is the first time we’ve taught students how to draw tigers straightforwardly. We advise you to learn more about the tiger before you begin sketching one.

A species of carnivorous mammal in the feline family includes the tiger. One of the giant predators on land is the tiger. Tigers live in habitats, including taiga in the north, dry savannahs, semi-deserts, tropical rainforests, and bamboo thickets.

Let’s now move on to the step-by-step instruction for drawing a tiger.

Fifteen minutes are required.

Kids’ Tiger Drawing Instructions


  • Draw the tiger’s head first.
  • Create a tiny oval with a slight upward press. Consider placing a circular balloon on the ground and gently pressing it down with your palm. It would help if you aimed for a form similar to this.

Step 2:

  • The tiger’s body should then be drawn.
  • Draw an oval on the head’s lower right side. The tiger’s body shouldn’t be overly long but slightly wider than the muzzle.

Step 3:

  • Let’s on to drawing the tail and ears.
  • Draw small, rounded ears on top of the head. The distance between the ears and the oval’s edge must be the same. However, avoid setting them on the sides!

Step 4:

  • Now let’s create the animal’s tail. We shall illustrate a snake that has raised its head to take a look around using a smooth, tidy enclosing line.

Step 5:

  • You must now sketch a tiger’s face.
  • Draw the eyes as tiny, even circles with a single, bold little dot in the middle. The nose will then be shown by drawing a small triangle with slightly protruding sides. Make a mouth by drawing two semicircular lines next to each other under the nose.

Step 6:

  • Paws are drawn.
  • A tiger cub needs legs to move around the jungle. As in our example, the tiger’s legs should be drawn as parallel lines joined in a semicircle.

Step 7:

  • Making the last adjustments.
  • As a result, we are practically drawn to our animals. The tiger cub, however, has no stripes! Let’s start by illustrating them on the face: a little, slightly elongated triangle on each cheek and a much smaller triangle on the forehead. 
  • Then, we will draw three stripes on the back using identical long triangles with the bases lying on the animal’s back and going to the bottom. The tail is also given lines in the same manner.

Step 8:

  • Fill in the tiger’s drawing with color.
  • The animal itself will be painted dark orange color. The pupils will be black, and the eyes will be white. We stick with the color tone and paint the nose a rich red color. Brown stripes will be present.
  • You can use different paints or the same colors we used.

If the instructions were followed, you would have a simple tiger sketch. You’re awesome! Because we are working for you and your pleasant emotions, we hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to draw a tiger for beginners.

Share our content on social media with your friends. Additionally, a little tutorial about a lion is available. Happy New Year!

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