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Copy of Kumara Parvatha(KP) : Climb To Understand The Pleasure


Climb To Understand The Pleasure

Kumara Parvatha The journey is located in the western ghats of Karnataka. This journey is Karnataka’s most grueling journey which is located near Bangalore. Due to its rugged terrain and the time took overall to journey peak and to get back down this journey is substantially taken up by educated trackers. It has an altitude of 1712 and is counted as the most grueling journey in the country that’s in India and it’s the loftiest peak in Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary. This journey is also considered to be the fourth loftiest peak of Karnataka. On the border of Dakshin Kannada and Kodagu quarter, the peak lies behind the veritably notorious Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, this tabernacle is full of the history and beliefs of the locals. People come to the temple from all across the nation, particularly from South India, to make offerings in hopes of having their desires granted. Nearly all of the time, devotees crowd the temple grounds. 

The trail consists of two peaks shesh parvatha, the alternate bone Kumara parvatha, and the advanced one with a standing altitude of 5600 bases. Shesh parvatha is the lower peak and also the protection of the kukke tabernacle that’s located at the base. This peak has lush green timber in the Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary. Your heart starts to race as you catch your first glimpse of Shesha Parvatha as dawn breaks because it will offer you a preview of the journey you will be having. The downfall during the trip was extremely affable and cloudy. Climbing the three iconic boulders was a great adventure and although two of them were challenging, our drifters loved how thrilling it was. 

What to watch:

The thick timber Trail 

The morning of the Kumara Parvatha hike is in a thick timber with trees that are so altitudinous that they help the sun from reaching the ground. The quantum of sun that passes through the trees is fairly little. 

Views of the Western Ghats 

Nature’s best-kept secret in the Western Ghats! The Kumara Parvatha route offers some of the most beautiful lookouts of the Ghats. The passage must be completed indeed for this reason. 

The vast expanse of grasslands

Following the forestland area, the champaigns are relatively charming. No matter what time of time you journey whether it’s after a thunderstorm or in the nothingness of downtime the champaigns are always either lush green or golden brown, furnishing fully new geography. 

Timber Section after Shesha Parvatha 

The journey’s alternate high point is the forestland member that follows Shesha Parvatha. As soon as you reach the forestland, a plethora of catcalls starts twittering loudly to drink you. Indeed a diversity of butterflies may be seen then. 

Trail Information:

Over two days and 22 kilometers, you will ascend to a height of 5,600 feet from a starting point that is nearly sea level.

Day-1: Forest section-Bhattara mane

Distance: 6 km

Duration: 5-6 hr

Day 2: Bhattara mane-Shesha Parvatha

Distance: 3.5 km

Duration: 3-4 hr

Day-3: Shesha Parvatha-Kumara Parvatha peak

Distance: 1.5 km

Duration: 1-2 hr

After the thunderstorm till the downtime, people go on the Kumara Parvatha journey from October to February. Touring in the summer may get veritably hot and dehumidification can come to a serious problem due to the sticky atmosphere. In the upper corridor of the route, the summer months have an advanced liability of timber fires. Because of this, the Forest Department closes Kumara Parvatha from the first of March to the last day of September each time as palladium. 

The route is so slick during the monsoons that every step increases the risk of falling and getting hurt. The difficulty multiplies since the trek is primarily made up of loose mud, gravel, pebbles, and stones. Therefore, we highly advise against undertaking the Kumara Parvatha hike during the monsoon or summer.

How to get there:

Kumara Parvatha begins at Subrahmanya, the position of the main Kukke Subrahmanya temple. Before beginning your hunt, you must first approach Kukke Subrahmanya and the base. 

  • Nearly 200 kilometers of Hassan’s highway may be traveled in your car to get there, after which the ghats begin to appear. Compared to hiking up hills, the scenic route will be just as pleasurable. Use Google Maps, Apple Maps, or any other Maps you choose to get or ask locals for directions if you can not find them on your own. 
  • There are several KSRTC and private motorcars that travel the route to the Kumara Parvatha Trek that you may use to get there as well. 
  • Also, you may get there by rail. The Kannur Kanwar express will drop you off right there, from where you can board any public transportation to get to your destination. 



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