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Jaisalmer camping : Complete Itinerary



Jaisalmer camping is a fun and exciting way to spend the weekend. It’s also an excellent way to explore nature, which is why we think you should spend some time at Jaisalmer Camping. Here’s what you can expect from this beautiful part of India:


Basavanagudi is a small village located in Sahyadri Hills and is surrounded by lush green forests. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in South India.

Basavanagudi is home to several temples, including the famous Ganesh Temple, which is built on top of the hill. The temple houses thousands of sculptures and paintings depicting various scenes from Hindu mythology.

The temple has been constructed over many centuries and has been renovated many times. The main attraction here is the massive statue of Lord Ganesha, which weighs around 45 tons and was carved out of single block of stone.

It is also home to many other shrines including Shiva Temple and Krishna Temple, which are very popular among tourists visiting this region. The temples are interconnected and pilgrims can easily reach all these temples by walking through narrow corridors inside the complex or by climbing up steep steps from parking area below them


Jayanagar is a popular destination for weekend getaways. It is located in the heart of Bangalore, close to its business district. Many attractions are within walking distance of this area including St Stephens Church and Victoria Hospital. There are many hotels in Jayanagar which would be suitable for your camping trip as well as other accommodation options such as guesthouses or hostels that you may want to stay at during your vacation depending on what kind of experience you want to have while here at India’s most famous city!


Yelahanka is a suburb of Bangalore and is known for its army cantonment. It is also known for its educational institutions, greenery and temples.

The Yelahanka Air Force Station was established in 1942 and was used as an air force base until 1975. The station houses some of the oldest aircrafts in the Indian Air Force including MiG-21s, MiG-27s and Su-30 MKIs along with MiG-17 fighters which were used during World War II. In addition to this there are also several other units belonging to various branches like artillery regiment (Mahanadi), engineer regiment(Ekalavya) etc., which represent India’s military might at its best!

Bannerghatta Road

Bannerghatta Road is a suburb of Bangalore, and it’s a popular weekend getaway for people from the city. Bannerghatta Road is famous for its wildlife sanctuary, which is home to many animals such as peacocks, deer and monkeys. It also has several educational institutions like National Institute Of Mental Health And Neurosciences (Nimhans), Indian Institute Of Science Education And Research (IISER) Institution and others that attract students from all around India as well as abroad.

Bannerghatta road can easily be reached by public transport which includes buses/taxis, autorickshaws etc., but if you want to enjoy your trip in comfort then hiring an SUV car will help you reach there faster than walking on footpaths towards this place!

Tumkur Road

Tumkur Road is a small town in the state of Karnataka in India. It is located in the Bangalore Rural district of Karnataka, about 55 kilometers from Bangalore city.

Tumkur road is one of the oldest roads on earth and it has been selected by UNESCO as one of its nominees for inclusion in their list of World Heritage Sites

A perfect weekend getaway in the heart of nature is just a short drive away. Start planning!

Rajasthan is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. With its rich history and diverse culture, it’s no wonder why this region has become one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. Rajasthan offers endless options for those looking to explore its colorful past or find new experiences that will make their trip memorable.

Here are some great destinations in Rajasthan:

Lake Palace: This luxury resort features an infinity pool overlooking beautiful gardens and wildlife with views of snow-capped mountains nearby (or if you don’t want to go up there!). It also has modern rooms with flat-screen TVs so you can watch whatever show you like!

Kishangarh Fort & City Museum: This site is an old royal fort built by Lord Maharao Sawai Madho Singh II who ruled from 1730 until 1818 before dying at age 90 years old . It was later taken over by British forces during their rule over India until 1947 when they handed control back over to local rulers once again after independence was granted by Britain back then–you’ll see what kind of treasures were left behind inside these walls when touring around this historic palace compound too 🙂


These are just a few of the many places you can visit while in Bangalore. There are so many more that we hope to explore in the future. These include attractions such as heritage sites, cultural institutions and even malls! 

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