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How to Draw a Spartan Helmet


Draw a different helmet in just six easy steps! Archaic Greece is known for many items, from its innovative civilization and architecture to the great myths and legends many of its inhabitants believed in.Archaic Greece was even often understood for its challenging martial prowess, and the city-state of Sparta is especially noted for this. Austere Warriors were a power to be considered with, and today they are still well known and remembered for factors such as their irregular helmets. Learning to draw a Spartan helmet is a great way to relive some of the great adventures these warriors have been on. If you are a Spartans fan, this tutorial should be perfect!

Our step-by-step manual on removing a Plain helmet in 6 steps allows you to recreate this iconic helmet. sad drawings easy

How to Draw a Spartan Helmet – Allows Reach Activated!

Step 1

Spartan helmets often had an impressive crest and were made from substances such as feathers or horsehair. We will outline this crest in this first step of our guide on how to draw a Spartan helmet. Use a smooth, slightly curved line for the front of the crest. The ridge will extend to the back of the helmet and draw the top, and we will use a bumpier line. This type of line helps to make the top of the crest a bit more textured. We’ll also start drawing the top of the helmet that the crest will be attached to, and once that’s done, we’ll move on to step 2!

Step 2: Currently, remove the faceplate of the helmet.

Spartan helmet faceplates had a rather distinctive impression. They maintained spots over the sights with an entrance on the facade of the face, and that’s the design we’ll add for your Spartan helmet design. Begin by removing a curved line with a bit of pointed domain dipping near the left side of the faceplate. This will form the top of the facade, and we can start drawing the rest. Using the reference image as a guide, use curved and straight lines for the different sections of the facade. Don’t forget to include the holes above the eyes and mouth, and draw a section covering the nose. Once this facade is complete, you will move on to step 3.

Step 3: Draw some details for the facade.

Now that you’ve finished most of the faceplate, we’ll add more detail to it in this step of our guide on drawing a Spartan helmet. To do this, draw a few more lines along the perimeter of the facade you started in the previous step. This will create a kind of border for the outline of the facade and help give it a more dynamic look. This lip will also extend from the rear of the faceplate to fill the gap between it and the rear of the helmet.

Step 4 – Next, examine to draw the base of the crest of the helmet

Persisting with this Simple helmet picture, the next one will be the base of the crest. It would have been a small metal section squeezing the material the crest is made of inside. To draw it, we’ll use curved stripes around the lid of the helmet. The deception of this area will be more minor and marked with more purified strings.

While removing this area, you can also use a curved stripe for the awning of the helmet. Once these elements are finished, we’ll be keen to count some finishing touches to the guide’s next step!

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Spartan Helmet

Before you add color to your illustration, we have a few final details and touches to add to this step of our guide on drawing a Spartan helmet. The leading choice we will cover will be adding texture to the crest. You can do this by adding a few straight lines along the ridge side to make it more clumps of material kept together. Once these texture details are complete, you will be free to add your additional details! Maybe you could draw individual modeling the helmet or create an ideal location for the photo. How are you going to finish it?

Step 6: Finish your Spartan helmet drawing with color.

You are now ready to finish your Spartan helmet drawing by adding some fantastic colors to it. We used a reasonably classic Spartan helmet color scheme in our reference image. This means that

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