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How Does Outsourcing Medical Billing Services Plug Revenue Loss?


Is your medical practice struggling with aging account receivables, reduced reimbursements, and continuous revenue leakage? If yes, then it’s an indicator that you should move towards outsourcing medical billing services. Because it is the best solution to support your struggling medical practice. 

Consistent revenue generation is key to the success of every healthcare business. Medical practitioners can’t afford any negligence in the revenue cycle management. No doubt, financial management sounds weird along with patients’ care. But it is crucial for long-term survival in this ever-evolving healthcare industry. 

Therefore, physicians should adopt innovative medical billing solutions to ensure accuracy within the medical billing services, which results in streamlined revenue. In this fast-paced era, healthcare providers face immense challenges to manage the medical billing process along with the patients’ care. Because the ongoing pandemic has entirely changed the work routines of practitioners. 

If you can’t pay attention to the back-end tasks of your medical practice and continue with the high percentage of claim denials. You can’t sustain your reputation as well as existence in the market and will end up with revenue loss and sometimes collapsed business. These are the reasons that outsourcing medical billing services have become an increasing trend. 

Some healthcare providers are still confused when it comes to deciding on in-house or outsource billing services. If you find yourself in the same situation, then don’t worry. In this article, I’ve highlighted the reasons that how does outsourcing benefits your practice.  

  • More Opportunities for Revenue

Giving your patients a relaxing and enjoyable experience while in your healthcare facility should be your top priority. Because the primary concern of every healthcare provider is to provide quality care to the patients. 

Sometimes, medical practitioners believe that they can manage the billing process efficiently as compared to outsourcing. This might sound like simple management at the start but after some time it could become increasingly complicated due to the constant changes in the billing and coding guidelines. 

Moreover, with the growing number of patients, there is additional paperwork which consequently means reduced time during the day to essentially spend with those patients. 

But, with the stress of managing medical billing services, you can’t spend a considerable amount of time with your patients. As a result, your patients feel undervalued and maybe they will never return back. The low patient volume means you lost the opportunity for revenue generation. 

On the other hand, if you ignore the aspect of healthcare revenue cycle management, you have to face financial challenges in terms of claim denials and disruption in cash flow.  

By outsourcing medical billing services you can keep a balance between the patients’ care and financial matters. Off-shore billing experts eliminate your excessive burden and allow you to avoid patient reduction due to their losing confidence. The great thing is that they enable you to spend more time performing other equally important tasks. As a result, it points less stress on your staff and leads to improved productivity in the workplace. A business should always strive for staff efficiency to increase business growth. 

  • Reduces Coding Errors

We all know that a medical billing system is always prone to errors. Only a consistent flow of accurate information ensures that the system keeps running in the right direction. 

Medical coders are responsible to convert patients’ symptoms and diagnosis, treatments into codes. Insurance companies get information about all medical procedures through these codes and process the claims accordingly.   

However, if medical billers process claims with coding errors such as upcoding, unbundling, and under-coding, such claims get denied and lead to revenue loss. 

But when you rely on a well-experienced and professional medical billing company then you don’t need to worry about any of these factors. Because your healthcare revenue cycle management system would be in the hands of certified medical billers and coders. 

Since they put all of their efforts and time into medical billing and coding. It’s their specialty to take a better approach in order to handle the mistakes in the medical coding system. So they always make sure to avoid the commitment of any mistake or error in the coding system. This is the most significant advantage of hiring billing experts. 

  • Prevent Claim denials 

Medical practitioners lose millions of dollars every year due to the uncollected revenue. So, in order to reduce the rate of claim denials, you should closely monitor the performance of your medical billing team. Because they are not executing their tasks efficiently and end up with submission or erroneous claims. If you are not satisfied with your in-house revenue cycle management, then you should take the decision of outsourcing medical billing services. 

Expert medical billers keep themselves updated with the use of modern revenue cycle management solutions that reduce claim denials rates. They ensure the timely submission of clean claims. They not only reduce the current denial rate but also adopt innovative strategies to prevent such occurrence in the future. 

For example, outsourced billing experts adopt modern software solutions to advance medical billing services. They are capable to analyze, test and identify clerical errors before they occur during the claim submission process.  

Moreover, it is an intuitive strategy to streamline front-end operations with innovative medical billing solutions. It would help you ensure that your billing procedure is being fueled with verifiable and accurate information across your network. 

Are you thinking of outsourcing medical billing services? Medcare MSO is a suitable choice for your struggling medical practice. With over 12 years of experience, we have been helping medical practitioners to achieve their financial goals.  Contact us to make the best deal for your healthcare practice. 

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