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Experience the ambiance of Goa’s sea cliffs,climb the lush green islands,And drift with the wind in the serenity of the atmosphere in this exciting hot air balloon ride in Goa.Prev Next Most of the nature adventure activities in Goa involve the participants in three major aspects of nature,to experience the combined beauty of land,air and sea.That is, it enables one to enjoy the beauty of any one or at most two of the land,air and water.It is therefore not surprising that the option of hot air ballooning in Goa attracts a large number of thrill seekers.Because it enables them to enjoy the beauty of all three aspects at the same time.As the participants enjoy the ride through the sky,They can have a beautiful view of the golden sandy beaches that extend far into the sea.And with a little adjustment of their angle of view,they can even take in a breathtaking view of all three of these aspects conjunct on the horizon.The uplifting feeling offered by a balloon ride in Goa is truly unparalleled. The activity is not challenging at all,But provides the adrenaline rush that adventure seekers crave. Rides are mostly conducted in the morning and evening,So that the participants do not have to bear the trouble of afternoon heat.The participants can also opt for the rides done at sunrise,So that one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the rising sun spreading its golden rays across the enchanting landscape.While the rides are suitable for families as a casual event,they are more popular among couples looking for a romantic getaway.Hot air ballooning rides add to the fun and frolic of a holiday in Goa.The refreshing beaches and laid-back life of this small island state offer visitors the perfect way to make the most of their vacation.Adding to this excitement and thrill is the fun of balloon rides,which have recently been gaining immense popularity despite being among the many attractions in the state.Beautifully handcrafted wicker baskets designed to be super luxurious and comfortable as participants enjoy the ride.The whole experience is fascinating in that it often leaves the participants awe-struck and longing for more.Enjoying the experience of hot air ballooning Goa is something that every adventure lover must plan for at least once in their lifetime.And it will surely become his most memorable feeling.


INR 9,900 PER PERSON:-Anytime flight ticket is the standard balloon flight ticket for travelers looking for an absolutely magical hot air balloon flight experience,These tickets enable passengers to take their hot air balloon flight in the morning or evening on any given day.


1.Commemorative flight certificate signed by the pilot.

2.Insurance with other international standards of safety and security 

  1. 40 minute-one hour hot air balloon ride.

4.Ability to book flights over email or over the phone,authorized tour operator or sailing agent.

5.International standards of safety and security.


INR 49,900 FOR A COUPLE:-Enjoy the intimacy of a special balloon flight just for you and your special guest (with a pilot,of course).Our special flights for two passengers are ideal for wedding proposals,anniversaries and special occasions,or as a special feast for you and your guest.


1.Commemorative flight certificate signed by the pilot.

2.Insurance protection and protection at par with other international standards.

3.40 minute-one hour hot air balloon ride.

4.Ability to book flights over email or phone,authorized tour operator or sailing agent.

5.International standards of safety and security.

As you will see the lively balloons popping up,it might be a good idea to capture a few pictures to keep.Soon,you’ll be helped into a basket where the pilot will provide you with air travel information.Within moments,you’ll feel the balloon’s anti-gravity upward push.And of course, your flight will have started.Climb the scenic sprawl of South Goa with a 45 60-minute hot-air balloon ride.Climb from the Asolda Ground and feel the excitement as you soar up into the sky.and enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings from 2,500 feet above the ground.Take in the delightful views of the scenic beauty of South Goa from this unique height and finally return to the ground after this exhilarating ride.Upon landing,you will receive a certificate of first flight signed by the pilot,Which is really a true memento for memories.You will be dropped back according to the itinerary.So if you are thinking of going to goa, don’t just go along.Take flight of your imagination.During your flight,our crew follows your balloon over the fields and streets.So that they can be ready and wait for you upon landing.

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