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Dr. Curtis Cripe Helps parents decode ADHD


Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity disorder better known as ADHD is not a very uncommon thing these days among parents of little children. For the want of attention, a good number of parents have been complaining about their children being extremely restless to doctors, only to realize that this is more of a psychological condition than physical. Dr. Curtis Cripe the managing director of the NTL Group, Inc in the United States of America, expertises in several medical disciplines including psychology. Over the years he has come to understand this medical condition a lot better and therefore likes to educate such parents about the subject as much as he can so that they are in a better position to help their children grow healthily.

Studies by different authorities reveal that about 5 – 11% of the children in the United States are diagnosed with this medical condition. These startling numbers make it necessary that more and more people get to know about this condition and how to deal with it. Another reason that increases the need for spreading awareness about this is that lately a lot of people have been rejecting it as a medical condition. They consider it to be a regular restlessness of a child.

Dr. Curtis Cripe begs to differ that though the children may exhibit feelings of being overwhelmed, bored or distracted, it is nothing that can be associated with the lack of engagement. ADHD in reality has a connection with the genetics of an individual; although it may. Show the same signs yet in this condition the feelings are much more intense and affect the normal life of the individual. And unfortunately, ADHD can last a lifetime.

Hence if not treated and dealt with appropriately, ADHD could ruin the lives of many. Unlike other mental issues, the symptoms of ADHD keep changing as the person keeps aging. Surely with maturity, the physical restlessness diminishes; however, it has been noticed that those adults. Who have had ADHD issues in childhood, find it difficult to complete regular tasks.

According to specialists in this, like Dr. Curtis Cripe who heads the research and development team at the NTL group, the common symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Fidgety behavior
  • Inability to concentrate on tasks
  • Inability to sit quietly in one place
  • Talking excessively
  • Not thinking before acting
  • Interrupting conversations
  • Too much physical movement
  • Inability to wait for their turn to do anything
  • Inability to multitask
  • Disorganized
  • Poor skills in time management
  • Poor planning skills
  • Impulsive
  • Making careless mistakes in school work
  • Not being able to remember to think clearly for lack of attention

Handling children with this disorder is not an easy thing at all; the parents and. Those dealing with them need to be a lot more patient, persevering, and judicious. Patience should be exercised in calmly accepting the tantrums that are thrown. However, such parents and guardians need to be judicious in how much they. Should give in to the otherwise socially unacceptable behavioral patterns of the child. The parents cannot afford to forget that such a child will also have to. Deal with the societal norms later where they may not get everything they want.

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