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Common Employment Law Issues


State and federal laws are put in place to ensure employees are treated fairly at the workplace. Unfortunately, many times, employers overlook these laws and discriminate against their employees. Employees who are unaware of their rights and lack knowledge about the law often allow their employers to do such activities, which is even sadder.

If you believe your employer is unjustly treating you, you must ask them to stop and narrate your rights. If they still continue, you can file a complaint with the authorities and work with an attorney from the Carey & Associates, P.C. to get justice. Meanwhile, here are a few common issues faced by employees on a daily basis.

Common employment law issues


Discrimination is one of the most common employment law issues, and the number of cases is, unfortunately, increasing with time. According to the law, it is illegal for the employer to discriminate against an employee based on their nationality, religion, ethnicity, race, skin color, belief system, etc.

If you believe your employer discriminates against you for one of the reasons above, you may be experiencing discrimination.

Sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is the second most common issue that workplaces face regularly. Even though sexual harassment mostly happens to women, plenty of men have been victims as well. Workplace sexual harassment can manifest in various forms and does not always have to be physical. For example, making sexual remarks, sending explicit photos in the mail, or even pressuring someone to go out on a date with you is considered sexual harassment.

Worker retaliation.

Worker retaliation is when the employer behaves unjustly with an employee because they reported an injustice in the workplace. If you have recently made a report like that and your employer has been behaving differently from you, it may be worker retaliation. It is important that you understand the law is on your side and you have nothing to worry about. A good attorney can protect your rights and help you seek justice.

Minimum wage disputes.

Minimum wage disputes are another common issue faced in many workplaces. Every state has a minimum wage requirement, and employees are required by the law to pay at least the minimum wage to their employees. If they pay them any less, they disobey the law and could be legally punished. Your employer cannot force you to work for tips and avoid paying the minimum wages.

If you are experiencing any of the above employment law issues, you need justice. Contact legal help today and protect your rights.


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