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Can you Start Dating before your Divorce in Wisconsin?


Divorce can be lengthy and challenging even before any paperwork is submitted to the court. It is rare that before the divorce was formally filed, your marriage had already been legally ended for a considerable time. This is in addition to the fact that going through the divorce court process may be a challenging and occasionally unpleasant affair.

Therefore, it makes sense that some people would consider dating and starting a new love relationship even before the divorce is finalized. Contact Karp & Iancu, S.C. to get help with your divorce.

Can dating while going through a divorce in Wisconsin affect custody?

  • The most important and frequently contested topic in a divorce trial is probably the child’s physical placement, another word for custody under Wisconsin family law. Therefore, it is especially crucial to comprehend how courting before separation is complete can affect custody.
  • Dating has a more profoundly detrimental impact on your prospects of physical placement and the conditions of physical placement if the child is in your possession.
  • Wisconsin’s courts are compelled to apply the criterion of what is in the kid’s best interest when deciding how to dispose of a child. The court will choose a guardian ad litem as part of a separation procedure involving children.
  • Any relationships likely to have a significant impact on the child are one of the considerations a court evaluates when deciding who gets physical custody of a child under Wisconsin Statute 767.41(5). The truth is that the court may view a new relationship following a divorce as unsuitable since it may cause confusion and be challenging for the child to accept.
  • A Wisconsin statute requires courts to consider any previous criminal conduct or drug and alcohol misuse on behalf of a parent’s romantic partner when deciding on a physical placement issue. Such a past will probably drastically reduce your chances of getting physical placement.

Does dating while divorcing have an impact on Wisconsin child support?

Yes, courting can significantly affect how much child support is awarded in a Wisconsin divorce. The amount of financial support you need to raise your children will be considered by the courts if you and your new spouse split expenditures. Judges will likely lessen your help if your new partner’s contribution somewhat reduces the load.

Does Wisconsin compensation in a divorce influence dating?

Courts generally discourage significant outlays of any kind throughout a divorce trial. If these expenses were made due to a relationship, the court might view you negatively. If you make significant purchases, the court may give your ex-spouse money as punishment for your actions from your share of the marital assets.


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