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Advantages Of Canvas Over Paper


Once upon a time, paper posters hung in every teenager’s room, movie posters, album covers, photos of stars and athletes – all this was considered an inexpensive and fun decoration. But as a serious element of decor, images on paper did not justify themselves. Such posters are short-lived: they are easily torn, deformed by water and even high humidity, and are “afraid” of the sun.

Under the influence of direct sunlight, printing on paper loses its original appearance, colors fade or even change color. For safety and giving solidity, paper posters are placed in a frame and under glass. But in this way the structure becomes heavy and fragile. One awkward movement – and the glass shatters into small pieces.

The canvas is unequivocally devoid of all the shortcomings of paper. When you pick up such a picture, there is an association with the real work of the artist. The canvas has an interesting texture, relief and volume. It is lightweight and durable, which means it will last for years! By the way, the surface of the canvas can be wiped with a damp cloth without any twinge of conscience.

Other advantages of painting on canvas making Art and canvas paintings in terms of the manufacturing process and operation:

  •         the applied ink dries quickly;
  •         stable image, resistance to fluctuations in humidity and temperature;
  •         the inkjet canvas is simply stretched onto a stretcher;
  •         no deformations in the corners of attachment to the frame.

What types of canvases are used?

Canvases for printing come in natural, synthetic and mixed. All of them differ in the size of the “grain” and the type of coating for good ink absorption. Synthetic canvas is cheaper than natural, but has disadvantages: it does not always correctly convey shades and looks like oilcloth.

Natural canvas for printing is based on cotton or linen fabric. It can be matte or glossy. For the manufacture of such materials, natural threads are used, the weaving of which is very similar to the artist’s canvas.

We have found the ideal solution for ourselves – this is a cotton canvas with a density of 340-380gr/sq.m. This type of canvas is best suited for printing reproductions. It is as whitened as possible, so the correct color reproduction can be achieved. In addition, cotton canvas has the texture of an artistic canvas.

Canvas photo printing technology

A plotter (printer) is the main printing tool. All devices work on the same principle, but differ in the perfection of technology. New generation plotters print in high resolution and transfer the image to the canvas as accurately as possible. When choosing a model, we focused on two parameters:

The size of the nozzles (holes) through which the printer delivers ink to the surface of the media. The smaller the hole, the smaller the dot on the canvas comes out and the more accurate the image transmission.

Professional plotters for large-format Flower art and artwork paintings operate at a resolution of 2880×1440 dpi – this makes it possible to make a very clear picture with smooth halftone transitions.

Number of basic ink cartridges. Older printers are equipped with only 4 inks, which are mixed to produce different shades. But modern models use 9 or more cartridges – so the color reproduction is more accurate.


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