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Access the Factors to Generate More Revenue By Outsourcing Medical Billing Services


With the passing days, the task of getting claims paid is becoming challenging and tough. It has become so difficult for a practitioner to streamline medical billing services. 

Whenever you think that you have found out new tactics to prevent claim rejections, the laws change and you have to figure out new tricks to combat these problems. 

You can say it is a full-time job. In the healthcare system, medical coding and billing are the most significant elements to ensure that data or information are tracked properly. And there is a regular flow of information between insurance companies and healthcare providers.

Medical coding/billing is done by experienced and qualified medical professionals. Who are skilled at interpreting, reading, tracking, and recording complex medical information effectively. 

Significance of Outsourcing:

A process where the medical practitioner submits, documents, tracks, and keeps a follow-up on the claims with the insurance payer to get reimbursements for the rendered services.  

On the other hand, medical coding is the procedure where a coder takes the data from the used procedures, diagnosis, equipment, treatment, medicine, clinical notes and translates them to alphanumeric codes. 

The entire reimbursement that impacts the healthcare revenue cycle management depends on accurate medical coding. That’s why it is an important and essential task.                            

However, medical billing and coding is a challenging and complicated task. It also requires careful and meticulous documentation. Therefore, outsourcing your medical billing and coding provide you access to certified billers or coders. 

They help you lock your revenue from getting lost and increase your workflow. Furthermore, outsourcing your medical billing services may benefit your practice by optimizing your revenue cycle management. 

Improve Revenue Cycle Management:

The revenue cycle of every organization is unique. To access its strength a medical facility must consider the balance between payer relationship, employee function, reimbursement cycle, technology, and compliance program. 

A medical practice can take five steps to access the factors that help to increase cash flow and improve revenue cycle management. 

  • Improve Collection Rates:

Prior to providing services to patients, an organization must discuss the potential liability and insurance coverage with them. Improved communication necessitates regular follow-up and gets claims in patients’ hands quickly. 

When you inform your patients about their liability, they won’t need to pay out-of-pocket for a portion of medical expenses. In addition to this, an inefficient billing process can ultimately lead to millions of dollars in lost profit. 

Outsourcing medical billing services enable you to keep a check & balance in the billing procedure. In this way, you can ultimately decrease the cost of collection by:

  • Reduce the number of A/R accounts that are written off.
  • Reducing denials.
  • Ensuring claims are paid in full in one payment rather than in multiple installments. 
  • Benchmark Billing System Performance:

In terms of billing reimbursements, many practices are working to catch up to the industry standards. Based on standard A/R days and individual payers, it is quite critical to define standard timelines. For checking which accounts are needed to be revisited and which are past due.  

The average collection time’s guidelines depend on:

  • Size of the organization.
  • Payer. 
  • The mix of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Outsourcing medical billing services help you to enhance your practice performance by identifying the inefficiencies in the billing & coding process. 

Billing experts help you streamline these processes to prevent fraud by escalating scrutiny from state/federal oversight boards. 

They provide benchmarking data that helps you get familiar with the industry standards and compete well with the competitors.

  • Access to Advanced Technology: 

After making significant investments in the revenue management data systems, many medical practices do not see a boost in cash flow. That is because of two reasons:

  • The staff using the system do not know how to accurately use them.
  • The systems were not set up appropriately. 

Operations processes need to be updated to overcome these obstacles. Outsourcing medical billing services enable you to combat these difficulties by incorporating advanced technology into your existing IT systems. 

They save your expense of purchasing new technology and modify your systems to facilitate improved operations. 

Billing professionals optimize the workflow and ensure accounts are not placed in overdue prior to the specific time limits in which they are reimbursed. They help you limit write-off clearance and enhance the proficiency of your business. 

They evaluate what best suits your practice according to its needs, identify improvement opportunities, and provide maximum functionality. 

  • Shift Focus to the Net Collection Rate:

A/R does not show the full picture but it is a key performance indicator. A medical practice can collect the full amount due by shifting its focus to the net collection rate. 

The net collection shows how efficient a medical facility is at collecting what it is owed, while A/R demonstrates the time it can take to shift an account to payments from posting. 

To satisfy target dates accounts may be unjustly written off so focusing on A/R can be dangerous. Outsourcing medical billing services help organizations to focus on net collection rates. All avenues of debt collection exhaust before A/R accounts are written off. Which sometimes enables them to collect more. 

Moreover, the rate of net collections indicates the percentage of reimbursements attained according to the allowances and contractual obligations. It represents revenue losses because of:

  • Non Contractual adjustments.
  • Uncollectable debt.
  • Untimely filings.

Outsourced billing experts help you to improve your net collection rate by increasing communication frequency and monitoring payer contracts. 

Insurance agencies may be denying too many claims and may be under-reimbursing. Billing experts formulate a thorough process to follow up and monitor these procedures. 

The current healthcare environment is quite challenging and ever-evolving. Outsourcing medical billing services is the right financial investment for medical facilities. It helps you to boost your performance by assessing your revenue cycles with the health care reforms on the horizon. 

Dedicated billing experts utilize transformational approaches to revenue cycle management and improve the flow or function of each moving part. In this way, healthcare providers become able to be more financially prepared. 

Medcare MSO is a reliable HIPAA-compliant medical billing company in the United States. It will enable practices to potentially prevent loss of profit no matter what changes lie ahead. To learn more about us, click here https://medcaremso.com/

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