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7 Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in Puerto Vallarta


When visiting Puerto Vallarta, make sure to sightsee the natural beauty with stunningly beautiful beaches, snorkel, and dive into the region’s reefs.

You must discover the local culture and the vibrant nightlife at the Malecon, with plenty of places to visit with Spirit Airlines booking.


Puerto Vallarta’s most vibrant Malecon has been the best part to explore. The iconic Malecon is present here in the city packed with sculptures by renowned artists, art and crafts galleries, shops, and restaurants. For many, this spot is considered the meeting point par excellence. There are open-air performances and artistic expressions at the Los Arcos amphitheater. You can also try out the best things in local and international restaurants with amazing views of the surroundings.


Come to this Cuale River where you’ll find this fascinating, colorful and cosmopolitan neighborhood, known as the LGBT area. In this area, you can find trendy restaurants, plazas, coffee shops, and lively nightlife to enjoy at sundown. Don’t forget to visit the Olas Altas, which attracts visitors with its authentic Mexican style, cobbled streets, and picturesque facades. 

Puerto Vallarta has several galleries with more than a 60-year trajectory exhibiting local and foreign artwork, that you can explore by booking Spirit airlines tickets.


Marina Vallarta is a busy and important commercial, residential, and maritime area in Puerto Vallarta. In this place, there are some of the best hotels, shops, boutiques, cafés, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. Many visitors and locals come together along its famous Lighthouse and dock that was designed to harbor 500 yachts and boats. This place also offers some great golf professionals and amateurs that can enjoy an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Joe Finger. 

So, guys what are you waiting for, make bookings with spirit airlines flight and rush to Puerto Vallarta.


Come to this extremely beautiful site that is the Sierra Madre Mountain range which has a generous diversity and tropical forests. The Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Puerto Vallarta welcomes you with a perfectly traced plan. Here, you can explore different sections of the garden. There are Cactus Gardens, with species of various forms and sizes. You can visit the Tropical Fruit Orchard with an amazing collection of oaks, and many wild palms and agave plants. Also, there is a Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants. This area has almost 300 species native to Mexico – out of 1000 found in the country.

5.Los Arcos and El Malecón

Puerto Vallarta’s most crowded area is this Bahía de Banderas (Banderas Bay). The famous El Malecón is a great place that is stretching for more than a mile. You can come here to stroll any time of day, but especially in the evenings. A lot of visitors come here along the way, to see everything from sand sculptures and bronze sculptures to the iconic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

When you are in El Malecón, don’t miss the chance to visit the Los Arcos Amphitheater, another iconic symbol of Puerto Vallarta hosting free performances, and features live musicians and traditional Mexican dance troupes, just about every night with Spirit Airlines Manage Booking.

6.Playa de los Muertos

Puerto Vallarta‘s most popular shoreline is the Playa de Los Muertos. This attraction is also called Dead Man’s Beach in the Zona Romantica. The site also offers opportunities to Jet Ski, windsurf, and even parasail. Above all, the beach has an assortment of excellent restaurants and bars. So, when diving into this beach, you must try out some of the land sports as well. Also, get to indulge in beach volleyball, which can be equally fun but cheaper than water sports.

  1. Bucerías

This place in Puerto Vallarta offers a great place to experience the joys of a resort town without the tourist palooza. Also, at this place, you can find the small fishing village of Bucerías is steadily becoming a popular day trip for PV vacationers. Also, people come here for an afternoon of fishing or swimming while taking a bus to this beach hideaway up the coastline.

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