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6 Most Beautiful Places in Houston


Searching for great places in Houston to know the culture, and its heritage, then you are at the right place. The city has received a mixed response in terms of tourism. With a lack of zoning laws and endless construction, Houston also has some extraordinary beauty nevertheless.

Right from historic places to very huge playing parks, to botanical gardens to science museums, Houston has much to do here. 

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  1. University of St. Thomas

One of the most popular sites in Houston is this university. Lots of people come here every day to learn about the past of Houston. Adore this historic house which you can find nowhere else in the world. Similar to the Link-Lee mansion and the statuesque Chapel of St. Basil, this university also stands here that makes this nearly 70-year-old campus. The campus has been designed by award-winning American architect Philip Johnson. This artist was one of the prettiest set-ups in town.

  1. The Harris County 1910 Courthouse

The famous courthouse is also worth watching in Houston. This house 2011, got restored with this exquisite century-old courthouse. This house was transformed to its original splendor after a 1954 renovation destroyed much of its charm. This courthouse, after nearly $65 million later, stands as a symbol of stability, strength, justice, and old-school hotness smack in the center of Downtown’s hustle and bustle.

  1. Bayou Bend Gardens

One of the finest places to hop into is this pretty garden. Miss Ima Hogg and her brothers had worked hard to transform the 14 acres of natural woodlands. The garden is packed with winding ravines that have made a Secret Garden-esque sanctuary. To enter, you have to pay only $5 to bask in its glory. Spend gala time here with friends, do some chit chat, kids can play, and enjoy the huge playground here with so many swings!

      4.Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

This cascading 64ft fountain is formerly known as the Williams Waterwall. This park is lined by live oaks and works as both a guaranteed-like Instagram shot. This park offers a great way to stay cool in the summer. You will get bonus knowledge regarding the sculptural fountain. The fountain was designed by the same guys who did Houston’s Pennzoil Place and NYC’s former AT&T World Headquarters.

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  1. Rice University campus

The famous Rice university is present in the center of the city. The campus has a neo-Byzantine architecture that is surrounded by a kingdom of twisting. There are many towering oak trees and springtime azaleas. Above all, the university has a 100+ year-old campus proves Houston is quite foxy, after all. So, guys when you are in Houston, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this campus!

      6.San Jacinto Monument

When in Houston, you must visit this happening monument. Think of the Houston Ship Channel which is very visually appealing. You must explore the soaring National Historic Landmark commemorating the battle of San Jacinto. Standing tall at a height of 567.31ft, this monument is worth visiting. Above all, this monument is the world’s tallest monument column.

Houston is a great place to visit for a vacation. for any reason, if someone wants to cancel the bookings, use Frontier Airlines Cancellation.


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