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5 Innovative Restaurant Digital Signage Examples


Visuals engage people greater than text. For example, viewers retain 95% of a visual’s message compared to 10% if reading it in text. This is why digital signages for restaurants are doing a great job of engaging more customers. As a result, from big brands to food startups, most restaurants have made digital signages an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

However, just having digital signage at your restaurants is not enough; you need to use it in the best way possible. Therefore, we will guide you through this blog about various examples of digital signages that would work wonders for your food place. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the content.

Five examples of digital signages for restaurants

We had a series of ideas in mind; however, we selected the top 5, and here we are presenting them to you. 

  • Digital Menu Boards

When visiting a restaurant, many consumers appreciate the existence of an easy-to-understand menu. Menu items can be shown straightforwardly and ordered using digital displays. In addition, nutritional information will be displayed on the displays. As a result, there’s no need to ask a waiter or waitress about the contents of a particular dish.

Restaurant Digital Signage may display sold-out items and current deals to keep you informed. As a result, clients can plan ahead of time before placing an order. In addition, when there is a lack of food supplies, you can move things faster and lessen the burden on consumers and employees.

  • A social wall

Customers may have to wait for other customers to leave a table in your restaurant’s waiting room. This is why you must find ways to keep them occupied while they wait. Otherwise, they may leave and go to your competitor’s restaurant for the same food.

Placing social media on your restaurant’s digital signage is one approach to keep customers entertained as they wait in line. A social wall is based on this principle. The social wall consists of a compilation of social media feeds from various platforms.

Customers can, for example, publish films, photos, and other content to their social network profiles. Then, gather this information and post it on social media. This aids in increasing client engagement.

  • Interactive digital signs

Customers can use interactive signage to place orders and pay for their meals if you have interactive signage. McDonald’s is known for doing this throughout the world. People walk inside the business, place their order on the digital sign, and then send it to the backend system. Customers can pay with a contactless card at the display, but they can also pay at the counter.

You could do the same thing with your restaurant if you’ve invested in interactive displays or touch screens. For example, table-top tablets can be linked to digital signage, allowing diners to enter orders displayed on the digital display for their respective table. Customers can confirm their orders and even pay for them via your digital signs.

Customers may use your digital signage to confirm their orders and even estimate how long it would take to receive their next meal.

  • Promote special dishes

Instead of working to convince your customers to try new dishes, you can rely on digital signage content to do this. You can showcase dinner menus, exotic meals, and delicacies with digital signage templates to increase sales.

With attractive images and visuals, you can capture customers’ attention. As a result, your customers will look to purchase other products apart from food. For example, the vivid images on digital signage for restaurants can make customers shop for your restaurant’s antiques and handmade crafts. Therefore, this boosts customer experience which in turn increases your sales.

  • Highlight discounts and special offers

Digital signage is the best technique to educate clients about discounts and special deals. In addition, digital signages for restaurants offer a better chance of capturing attention than distributing brochures throughout the restaurant. 

Furthermore, your clients may not be familiar with the names of standard orders. This may make it difficult for them to place an order. Thankfully, digital signage can help you avoid this headache.

Some visitors may be unfamiliar with the dish’s name and hesitant to inquire about it. To help clients understand the variety, you can display the most recent orders on digital displays with images. 

You can use digital signage with visuals to display the most recent orders, allowing guests to see the range of dishes you have to offer.

Wrapping up

Visitors to restaurants used to rely on menus and word of mouth to understand what to expect in a restaurant in the old days. However, as technology advances, the restaurant business has adopted digital signages for its communication needs. Displaying a social wall through digital signages is integral to every restaurant’s marketing plans, and creating it has been made effortless by Taggbox. Taggbox is a user-generated platform and social media aggregator that helps you create an authentic social wall through its customization and moderation features. 

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